Throwdown Pumpkin Pie-Food Network

Bobby’s streusel-topped pumpkin custard pie ends any meal on a happy note. Thisvideo is part of Throwdown with Bobby Flay show hosted by Bobby Flay . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Chef Bobby Flay is on a secret mission to challenge the absolute masters in one kind of cooking – award winning BBQers, bakers, pizza makers and more – some with a roomful of trophies to prove it. In each episode, one of these cooks thinks Food Network is shooting their profile for a show. What they don’t know is that Bobby is going to drop in for a surprise visit and challenge them to an unexpected cook-off. Since they’re in their element and Bobby’s out of his, prepare for an exciting, tension-filled competition.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXZBYwWAX7I

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9 thoughts on “Throwdown Pumpkin Pie-Food Network

  1. In the end, I’m sure both of their pies were delicious. Graham cracker crust vs. traditional crust, Bobby Flay’s fancied-up version vs. Michele’s home-style version—I’d like a slice of BOTH, please! It’s really great how you see a slice (pun!) of everyone’s personality in their cooking

  2. Michele’s pies are the bomb!! her chocolate-pecan bourbon is the best dessert dish I have ever tasted in my life:) not even a joke, its amazing

  3. @sophiafied
    I think Bobby Flay has to win the majority of these to keep his show on the air…so this might have been fixed

  4. I would argue if you choose the right judge
    you can skew the results of the throw down.

    Bring the gourmet loving judge, the gourmet
    judge will favor Bobby’s version. Bring the
    traditionalist as a judge, the competitor wins.

    In the end, everyone has to make their own
    opinion. As viewers, we just get to watch the
    results, not taste the results. :-(

  5. @BellaOfBacardi Either way, it was a friendly competition. Its only meant to show different ways of cooking a recipe and that cooks can also put there twist on it and cooking isn’t only 1 straight shot. Also its only meant to advertise other peoples famous recipes while making a show! :3 Either way, whom ever wins its a fun time!

  6. Even with the affirmation/endorsement, you can
    tell she was disappointed when she heard the
    throwdown results.

    Since Bobby Flay is known for putting a twist on
    classic recipes, that kind of identifies his food
    even if his name is not on it.

    Palette, preferences, knowledge of the judges
    can skew final results of a competition in one way
    or the other.

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