How to make pumpkin pie from scratch

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Recipe and directions with pictures for making homemade pumpkin puree and then pie from scratch. The video is long, so if you want printed directions go to and you can find them there.


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25 Responses to How to make pumpkin pie from scratch

  1. ChamorruWarrior says:

    Thanks dude! This video is sweet, my girlfriend and I are gonna do this! We have two pumpkins and we’re gonna make some, and then make some more for ThanksGiving which is a Holiday in the United States and Pumpkin is a native food to the US so it’s a tradition for Thanksgiving (Just in case you’re not American and don’t know that lol If you are, sorry too much info lol) Awesome video, very easy to follow, and I like the music choice haha Thanks, we will enjoy this pie!

  2. mrql123 says:

    Looks great, and your instructions were clear and easy to follow. My better half and me will be making this recipe soon. Thank you!

  3. BufirdMauhaney says:

    Mothers and Grand Mothers use to do this as well as make all the other food for a large Thanks Giving dinner. As kids we had no idea how much work it was. I wish I could go back in time and hug mine and thank them for working so hard. Now I know why we weren’t allowed in the kitchen on those days. My Mother is 78 and will only make me homemade mash potatoes, everything else is a mix or store bought.

  4. angelicablatt3 says:

    This video is very helpful to me. It is simple and easy to follow.

  5. cheitner says:

    What a great video. Thank you. Ps. Whats the title of song?

  6. Maidenfairy12 says:

    i got to puimpkins ready to go lol

  7. blackjack4891 says:


  8. DezzyBabez says:

    @Shoelacex3 Yes, i have used it and it works wonders :} !

  9. pghboaters says:

    @XxbambiexX1 Where have you looked for the cheesecloth? Besides your local grocery store, hardware stores and Walmart, Kmart, etc. have it.

  10. pghboaters says:

    @theATHEISTmind Pumpkins are not all the same and the weight does not determine exactly how many pies you will get. They are different thicknesses inside and you will only be able to determine how many pies you will be able to actually make once you have processed the pumpkin and measure out how many cups of puree you end up with. With that in mind, I usually get two pumpkins that are about 3 lbs a piece and I have typically gotten 3 pies on average (it’s never been less than two).

  11. pghboaters says:

    @Shoelacex3 I haven’t tried that and I’m leaning towards saying no because the consistency of evaporated milk is not as thick as cream. Though, you could try it and add one additional small egg to compensate. You really want to have the filling set nicely and not end up runny. Also, the evaporated milk will make the pie sweeter so you might want to cut back on the sugar a bit. If you try this, please let me know how it comes out.

  12. Shoelacex3 says:

    can i use evaporated milk as a substitute for light cream?? o:
    (first time making pumpkin pie)

  13. theATHEISTmind says:

    So 2 pumpkins make 2 pies if they weigh 3 lbs each????

  14. badgirlvc04 says:

    Thank you

  15. ryanlaing says:

    thank you for this fantastic video

  16. pghboaters says:

    @TolaMadeline Grocery stores and hardware stores usually have cheesecloth. I’ve seen it in Walmart and KMart as well.

  17. pghboaters says:

    @Superpepsiman20 Good point. The recipe can usually fill two deep dish shells. It depends on how much pulp you have after the processing is done. If I end up with enough to double the recipe, I usually do and then pass the pies out to friends. Otherwise, I freeze the final pulp and make more pies around Christmas.

  18. TolaMadeline says:

    Where can i get cheese cloth?

  19. Superpepsiman20 says:

    ok question…In your ingrediants you have one deep dish pie shell but at the end you have two pie shells. are those two shallow pie shells or do you double the ingrediants and use two deep dish shells?

  20. pghboaters says:

    @LaylaBear1128 Thanks! I’m glad it was a success :)

  21. pghboaters says:

    @10Tuxedo Awesome! You’ll be please you did 😉

  22. pghboaters says:

    @10Tuxedo I haven’t sold these for a couple of years but I am considering doing that again next year.

  23. pghboaters says:

    @meowey55 You can, but you will end up with a much looser pie filling.

  24. pghboaters says:

    @LaylaBear1128 Get rid of the juice. It’s not good for anything at that point.

  25. LaylaBear1128 says:

    This was my first time making pumpkin pie and found it exciting to make it from scratch…And i loved eating it even more!!! Great recipe thanks so much!!

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