Q&A: Does anyone have interesting recipes that are traditional to Kenya?

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Question by : Does anyone have interesting recipes that are traditional to Kenya?
I am researching African foods and wish to try some recipes and spice combinations that are common in Kenya. I have a friend who is missing home.

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Answer by Abby
No, but if you are into African food, try some Ghanaian recipes!!!


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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Does anyone have interesting recipes that are traditional to Kenya?

  1. It may not qualify as “interesting”, but if your friend is craving real Kenyan food, the most popular dish (sometimes eaten twice a day, but definitely eaten at least once per day by most people) is ugali. It can be paired with different vegetables such as cabbage or kale, or boiled meat. Kenyan foods don’t usually have spices as we know them. The most common “spice combination” in Kenyan foods are salt and cooking fat. I would recommend ugali and sukuma wiki (kale) for a traditional Kenyan meal. If you want to add meat or have meat instead, boiled goat would work well.

    Basically, ugali is maize meal (corn meal, usually white here in the US) boiled until it has a consistency between stiff Play-Doh and old mashed potatoes. Sukuma wiki is kale/collard greens sauteed in fat, salted, and boiled. Look below for some of the easiest to understand recipes.

    Other foods that are more delicious (in my opinion) but not as much of staples and more common in certain areas of the country include Irio/Kienyeji (mashed potatoes with maize, peas, beans, and pumpkin leaves), Githeri (maize and beans), and Chapati (fried flatbread). Still, fat and salt are the only spices you’ll need!

  2. Abby there is good Ghanaian food and, of course, there are many good Kenyan recipes so no need to be so negative.

    Regi: Kim’s answer is true. Feel free to try them out. You can also try PILAU http://www.justkenya.org/kenya/recipes/pilau.asp, i am sure that will definitely take your friend home during the meal.

    Other recipes for Kim’s meals are on http://www.justkenya.org/kenya/recipes. You can try the Irio and ‘Kuku na Nazi’. Enjoy.

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