How to Substitute Fresh Pumpkin Puree for Canned in Vegan Recipe?

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Question by Constanza: How to Substitute Fresh Pumpkin Puree for Canned in Vegan Recipe?
Hi, I’m cooking a vegan pumpkin cake for a friend’s birthday and I found these lovely sugar pumpkins at the grocery so I picked them up. I know how to make a pumpkin puree but most recipes call for canned and I am not sure how to substitute one for the other? Also, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted canned pumpkin puree so I am not sure if it is seasoned at all.. is it?


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Answer by ♥Kitty143Cat♥
Just check the label: no salt, no sugar, no flavorings or preservatives. It’s just 100% Pure Pumpkin. Pumpkin Pie Mix contains pure pumpkin and a blend of traditional spices and sugar.

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