How do I prepare fresh pumpkin “guts” to cook with?

Question by CC: How do I prepare fresh pumpkin “guts” to cook with?
I carved my pumpkin and now I have the guts left over. I’m going to cook the seeds, and I want to make pumpkin muffins with the “guts”. How to I prepare the guts so I can make my muffins with them?

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Answer by Alice M
You can’t actually use the “guts” for much of anything. What goes into muffins, pies etc is the flesh, the thick shell just under the skin. IOW, what you did the carving in. Once a pumpkin has been carved and stood around for a while it is not going to be usable, plus the big squarish pumpkins that you use for carving are pretty tasteless. What you want for baking are called sugar pumpkins, or pie pumpkins. They are small (usually 10 to 12 in across), very round with a dark skin. Those you cut into chunks (I usually just quarter them), scoop out the seeds and bake in a 350 degree oven until the pulp is soft — maybe 1/2 hour or so, then scoop the pulp away from the skin and use in whatever recipe you like.

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One thought on “How do I prepare fresh pumpkin “guts” to cook with?

  1. Duh, you throw away the guts; all that stringy stuff and the seeds.

    to cook pumpkin, scrape the outside, cut it into chunks, and heat it in a little water. Kinda like you make apple sauce.

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