How can i use my “Flor de calabaza”or pumpkin flowers?

Question by Pumpkin: How can i use my “Flor de calabaza”or pumpkin flowers?
i just bought a can of it does anyone have a recipe??

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Answer by Anna
Kate, look up the internet there is a lot of recipes.

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3 thoughts on “How can i use my “Flor de calabaza”or pumpkin flowers?

  1. Wow… I never knew you could buy these in a can. I always just pick ’em straight from the garden, stuff them with cheese, and then fry them. That’s the way the Italians do it.

    Wash out the flowers, stuff them with various cheeses, roll it in egg yolk, then a flour and spice mixture, then just a little milk. Fry in oil for a very short time, until the coating turns a light brown and the cheese it melted.

    Delicious. It’s like a gourmet mozarella stick.

  2. We usually put them in a soup made of chicken broth with corn kernels and some squash. The squash called calabaza criolla in Mexico is best for this , but you can use zucchini also. Season with salt and black pepper. Another thing that goes well is a Mexican herb called epazote which adds a mild smokey flavor. I do not know if it exists in the USA becasue I have heard that it is slightly toxic.

    Some people stuff the flower with cheese or ground meat, close with toothpicks and dip the flower in whipped eggwhite and fry it. This is also good. I don’t know how that will work out with canned flowers, we only buy fresh ones.
    I have also seen them in quesadillas. A quesadilla is a tortilla (some will argue whether flour tortillas are acceptable, but corn is better for texture) with cheese and you can sort of saute the flowers with minced onion in a little seasoned oil and then put them in the tortilla with the cheese. Try to use a cheese that gets stringy when melted. Mexican Oaxaca cheese is the standadrd, but you could get by with mozzarella…or just experiment.
    I am not 100% sure that all flor de calabaza actually is pumpkin flower as calabaza is a generic word for many kinds of squash and the flowers of most squash tend to be very similar. Pumpkins are available here the same time as in the USA, but the criolla and zucchini type squash are available all year.

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