how can i get a pumpkin pie to europe?

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Question by : how can i get a pumpkin pie to europe?
My sister is in Amsterdam, and its that season- she’s missing home, and longing for a pumpkin pie. Does anyone know of any companies that ship pies in Europe?

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Answer by John
you can email her a recipe in making a good one…all she would have to do is buy the ingredients, and make it herself.

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3 Responses to how can i get a pumpkin pie to europe?

  1. Yoshi Yakitori Yakisoba says:

    Tell her to make friends with someone in the U.S. military stationed in Europe and she can get Pumpkin Pies at the commissary or Base/Post dining facility!!!

  2. ghosthuntersaddict says:

    i would call a company in europe near where she lives. no place in the us would ship pumpkin pie all the way there. maybe you can find a bakery near her to ship right to her house :) im sure you can find a place online.

  3. Darci says:

    Just out of curiosity in the grocery stores do they not sell pumpkin pill filling in cans? Because there is usually a good recipe on the can and you surely can buy the premade pie shells and they taste really great……

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