Do I thaw my frozen pie crust for this Pumpkin Pie Recipe?

Question by ♥Jelly Belly♥: Do I thaw my frozen pie crust for this Pumpkin Pie Recipe?

Thats the recipe im using, but before I pour in the pumpkin mix into the crust/shell, do I thaw out the crust/shell? [Please read the directions very carefully]

And why/why not? Thanks, remeber 10 points!

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Answer by bella
I always pre baked mine 350 for 8 to 10 minutes. It should say on the package. ( don’t forget to prick bottom and sides with a fork )

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3 thoughts on “Do I thaw my frozen pie crust for this Pumpkin Pie Recipe?

  1. No. If you thaw out a frozen pie crust before you bake it it is going to burn before the pie filling cooks enough to set. Also, I would suggest covering the edges of the crust with foi until the last few minutes of baking. This will allow the inside part of the crust to brown and when you take the foil off of the edges they will brown evenly with the rest of it.

  2. I thaw it, so it goes into the pie pan nicely. I do not prebake. I take some foil strips and arrange them around the crimped crust edges so they do not burn, and take them off the last few minutes of baking so they do brown.
    Be careful not to fill the crust too full of pie, it will slop over onto your pretty crimped crust and burn.
    I learned a trick, if you have too much filling. I take the scraps of pie dough, and a 4 oz glass Pyrex baking cup, and smash the dough in there and up the sides, and pour the extra filling in. I put it in the oven next to the pie, and watch it to see when it is done. It is really good, the crust is so crispy and the filling so rich.
    I also take the Libby recipe, and substitute some brown sugar for some of the white. It makes a richer pie, and it sets up fine.

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